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Commanded to Serve | 9 April 2020

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I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you! -John 13: 15

As Jesus and His Disciples partook of the Last Supper, He suddenly got up, picked up a towel, filled a basin with water, and began to wash His disciples feet.

Despite their shock and some objection, Jesus persists.

When done, Jesus asks His Disciples;

“Do you know what I have done to you?” [John 13: 12b]

To answer that question, we must look at some of the things Jesus did for those who came to Him.

He healed the sick and diseased, cast out demons,  taught them, raised people from the dead, blessed their children, embraced the marginalised, and fed them, to name but a few.

Amongst these, one of the most significant things Jesus did in His final hour, was to pray for ALL BELIEVERS [John 17: 20]

The Thursday before Good Friday is referred to as Maundy Thursday.

Maundy is derived from the Latin word “mandatum” which translates to the word “commandment”.

The answer to His question is in this command “I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.”

Jesus gave His life because He saw and responded to a people desperately needing a Saviour. I’ve often wondered just what kind of love would deliberately place itself in harm’s way for strangers.

His selfless love causes me to ask: What can I do in this time of uncertainty and very real danger?

Whilst many of us are home, safe from the danger of exposure, there are those out there expressing the love of Christ by placing themselves in harm’s way so we can be safe.

Government has correctly enforced certain restrictions so we can’t all physically be out there and the Christian must be first to comply.

However, there are people around us with no food. We must be first to provide and to share what we have.

People need encouragement and hope. We must first search the Scriptures for a God-breathed response that inspires hope and brings peace.

Most importantly, the world desperately needs prayer. The Christian must be first to intercede for ALL PEOPLE!

All we need do this Easter, is follow Jesus’ example!

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