NewLIFE is an autonomous New Testament community church.

Our members are passionate about reaching children, youth and adults and equipping and empowering them to be community builders.
NewLIFE was established by Pastor Gene King in the early 1980s, in Raisethorpe, Pietermaritzburg. The small but passionate fellowship of people moved to various venues including tiny shops, ill-equipped school classrooms and abandoned church buildings, in its first few pioneering years. Pastor Jay and Kumarie Naiker joined the fellowship in 1993 and assumed leadership when Ps King left for Dalton. In 1997, Pastor Daniel and Caroline Govender joined the fellowship, which at that stage was in a classroom at Suncrest Primary School.
Over the next few years Pastors Jay and Daniel strategized to establish NewLIFE so that the original vision of the church – reaching and training people – was firmly realized, and so that property could be acquired. Between 1997 and 1999 NewLIFE relocated to a shop in Allandale Drive, and then to a large commercial warehouse at Bayson’s Industrial Park, in Birmingham Rd. These were radical steps of faith in God, as the congregation was not only small but comprised, largely of young and newly married couples with toddlers.
Daniel Govender

Daniel Govender

Senior Pastors

Pastor Daniel and Caroline Govender serve as the visionary leaders of NewLIFE since 2001. Pastor Daniel serves the congregation with a team of committed and dedicated team of elders that help guide the church in the right direction. Pastor Daniel is passionate about teaching and training and has been instrumental in the growth of Christian education on the African continent and internationally.

Pastor Daniel has set up The Leadership Academy as the training and development wing of NewLIFE and serves as a Bible School.


“Teach. Empower. Equip. Develop. Those are our core beliefs.”