Daniel Govender

No Problem is too Great to Place in Gods Hands

Ministry Areas

Gathering in Purpose


BigLIFE is our Dedicated ministry to children on Biblical worldview, life skills and practical living.  Many children live in child-headed households or single parent homes (most without a dad).  The BigLIFE department is staffed with experienced adults who care and love children as Christ did.  Our aim is to empower all who attend to grow up as Christ-followers.


Men are the leaders in homes, the church and society.  However, not all men are prepared for the task ahead of them.  Our Men’s ministry serves to support men to take up their leadership role with grace and humility. Men are also empowered to deal with anger issues, domestic violence and are trained to respect and honor women.


Women are a key and vital part of societies and the local church.  The local church provides a safe space for women to be heard and supported.  Many ladies in our community are the breadwinner at home and must raise their children alone.  Our lady’s ministry provides support and counsel to the many women who have no one else to turn.