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Young people provide great energy to any social or church environment.  Our local assembly thrives on reaching, training and empowering young people towards community service.  Friday nights are devoted to hosting groups of teenagers and young adults.  Most of the attendees cannot ask tough questions at home and do not find safe spaces for dialogue and discussion.  Our youth leadership team provides an environment for these discussions on topics such as premarital sex, drug and alcohol addiction and experimentation, the existence of God, the need for morality, our purpose on this earth, worldviews, etc.


The local SASSA offices are less than a kilometre from our church building.  The South African Social Security Agency is an arm of government that assists people with monthly financial grants eg. old age, disability, child support.  Most people applying for grants arrive at SASSA offices early in the mornings and may have to wait for long hours without any food or drink either inside or outside the often-crowded facilities.  The church has a volunteer team who go out to the local SASSA offices to serve refreshments to those waiting and offer counselling and prayers.

St Mary’s Centre

At the heart of our ministry is care for the aged and destitute.  St Mary’s is a facility for old age people.  Many residents do not have visitors from family and friends who may be to far away.  Our ministry team visits St Marys to host Christmas Carols, Easter Services, Birthdays and often just to engage with the senior residents.  We take great joy in serving refreshments to old aged persons, counselling, praying and singing.